SPINACH GNOCCHI - FARABELLA Mini Sized Gnocchi Naturally GF 500 gms (70p/100gms)

Farabella Spinach Gnocchi Pearls (mini-sized Gnocchi)) are cooked in minutes. Serve simply with but..

£3.49 Ex Tax: £3.49

GNOCCHI - Mini-sized FARABELLA Naturally GF (85% potato) in 500 gms packs (70p/100gms)

FARABELLA MINI-SIZED gluten free GNOCCHI  (GNOCCHI ‘PEARLS’)  are cooked in minutes. Fo..

£3.49 Ex Tax: £3.49

CONCHIGLIONE (large shells) for stuffing. Gluten Free & Wheat Free

 GF  WF  V  Vn    LFDairy Free No SoyaEgg Fre..

£3.49 Ex Tax: £3.49

Bakery on Main - NUTTY CRANBERRY MAPLE - gluten free (340gms)

Bakery on Main’s NUTTY CRANBERRY & MAPLE GRANOLA is a mix corn flakes and rice crisps, sesame, s..

£3.89 Ex Tax: £3.89

GNOCCHI 'Classic' GF/Wheat Free from FARABELLA - (85% potato) in 500 gms packs (70p/100gms)

FARABELLA classic gluten free GNOCCHI are cooked in minutes.   ..

£3.49 Ex Tax: £3.49