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Almond Drink - Blue Diamond - 1000ml

  GF  WF  Veg Vegan   LF Dairy Free  No ..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.99

Avocado Oil 100% pure from Chosen Foods (1 Litre)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has long been a staple in our household, but when it comes to frying at a hig..

£13.79 Ex Tax: £13.79

Bakery on Main - APPLE RAISIN WALNUT - gluten free (340gms)

Bakery on Main Bakery on Main's APPLE RAISIN WALNUT GRANOLA is a delicious mix of rice, corn, ..

£4.25 Ex Tax: £4.25

Bakery on Main - NUTTY CRANBERRY MAPLE - gluten free (340gms)

Bakery on Main’s NUTTY CRANBERRY & MAPLE GRANOLA is a mix corn flakes and rice crisps, sesame, s..

£4.25 Ex Tax: £4.25

Bakery on Main EXTREME FRUIT & NUT - gluten free - (340gms)


£4.25 Ex Tax: £4.25

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - Filippo Berio - 250ml

 GF  WF  Veg Vegan   LF Dairy Free  No Soya&n..

£2.89 Ex Tax: £2.89

CHIA - Black Chia Seeds (500g) (1.60 per 100g)

Chia Seeds have the same nutritional value whether they are black or white seeds.  The taste of..

£7.99 Ex Tax: £7.99

CIRIO Tomato Passata - 500gms (£0.19 /100gms)

Just tomatoes make a pack of Cirio Tomato Passata a very versatile ingredient for any store cupboard..

£0.95 Ex Tax: £0.95

CIRIO Tomato Passata Rustica - 680g

Another Pantry essential - Cirio's Passata Rustica is simply crushed tomatoes.  Thick and delic..

£1.59 Ex Tax: £1.59

Dried Gourmet Mix Mushrooms - 170g

 GF  WF  Veg Vegan   LF Dairy Free  No Soya&n..

£7.50 Ex Tax: £7.50

Finax Muesli

FINAX FRUIT MUSLI Fruit Muesli Some few years ago, Coeliac UK carried out a taste test on gl..

£4.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

Flour Mix GF, Low Protein - FINAX - 900gm

FINAX LOW PROTEIN FLOUR MIX Finax Low Protein Flour Mix is a wonderful, versatile, flour mix...

£3.99 Ex Tax: £3.99

Fusilli / Spirals gluten free 3-coloured "Tricolore" (69p /100g)

FUSILLI “TRICOLORE” – 3-coloured gluten free/wheat free pasta SPIRALS/FUSILLI Pasta has been..

£3.45 Ex Tax: £3.45

GNOCCHI 'Classic' GF/Wheat Free from FARABELLA - (85% potato) in 500 gms packs (70p/100gms)

FARABELLA classic gluten free GNOCCHI are cooked in minutes.   ..

£3.49 Ex Tax: £3.49

GNOCCHI - Mini-sized FARABELLA Naturally GF (85% potato) in 500 gms packs (70p/100gms)

FARABELLA MINI-SIZED gluten free GNOCCHI  (GNOCCHI ‘PEARLS’)  are cooked in minutes. Fo..

£3.49 Ex Tax: £3.49

GOLDENBERRY - Terrafertil - 567g (£2 per 100g)

 GF  WF  V  Vn    LFDairy Free No SoyaEgg Fre..

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99

Organic Figs - Wild & Raw (964g)

Wild & Raw's ORGANIC FIGS are made from figs.  No added sulphites.  No added sugar.&nb..

£11.79 Ex Tax: £11.79

PSYLLIUM - Finax Gluten Free (200gms)

FINAX gluten free PSYLLIUM - in an easy to use and easy to store resealable pack. FINAX Psyllium ..

£5.00 Ex Tax: £5.00

Taste of India CHANA DHAL - Gluten Free Vegetarian meal (350gms)

Taste of India CHANA DHAL is a delicious combination of chick peas, tomatoes, seasonings and spices...

£2.39 Ex Tax: £2.39

Wholesome ORGANIC BLUE AGAVE Nectar 1.2Kg (equiv 0.94p/100g)

Wholesome ORGANIC BLUE AGAVE Nectar Blue Agave Nectar may not be sugar as we know it, but it..

£9.49 Ex Tax: £9.49

RIGATONI - Gluten Free/Wheat Free Pasta - 500gms

 Cross Grain Licence : IT-003-015 Please always check the ingredients list. ..

£3.19 Ex Tax: £3.19

Fresh STROZZAPRETI (Stabilized) GF & WF Pasta- 250g

Fresh stabilised Pasta STROZZAPRETI.  Free From Foods Awards 2016  in the Pizza &..

£2.79 Ex Tax: £2.79

CONCHIGLIONE (large shells) for stuffing. Gluten Free & Wheat Free

 GF  WF  V  Vn    LFDairy Free No SoyaEgg Fre..

£3.49 Ex Tax: £3.49

COUSCOUS alternative? Try Award Winning ACINI DI PEPE /Pasta Grains (80p / 100g)

;FARABELLA ACINI DI PEPE/PASTA GRAINS - Gluten free 'Couscous' alternative FREE FROM AWARD PIZZA &am..

£3.99 Ex Tax: £3.99

DITALI Gluten Free/Wheat Free Pasta (500gms)

Farabella Ditali – great pasta shape, loved by kids of all ages!Cross Grain Licence : IT-0..

£3.29 Ex Tax: £3.29

FUSILLI GF / WF Pasta? - use SPIRALI (500gms)

Fusilli, Spirali, Spirals? They're different names for the same shaped pasta. Resembling a spring or..

£3.19 Ex Tax: £3.19