HAVREBROD (Oatbread) BREAD MIX Finax - Easy to make, easy to bake! Just add water to the mix!!!

HAVREBROD (Oatbread) BREAD MIX Finax - Easy to make, easy to bake! Just add water to the mix!!!

We've listened to our customers - some of you have contacted Drossa to let us know that you were looking on our site for Finax Oatbread Mix to be listed as "Havrebrod Mix" as this was the Swedish name you recalled from the pack - so here it is! (but translated it is, of course, Oat Bread Mix)

1 pack contains sufficient mix to make 2 loaves

Free From Award (2012) this delicious tasting bread is really easy to make and to bake. We found the results from the first time we made this to be spectacular - a truly delicious loaf which could be 'free baked' (i.e. baked on a baking sheet without the need of a bread tin); golden, crispy crust, and a loaf that sliced easily without crumbling.

The following instructions are for a single loaf, but the dough can be placed in smaller rounds to bake the mix as rolls.

Instructions to make 1 loaf
450 g Finax Gluten Free Oat Bread Mix
400 ml warm water (37° C/99° F)

1. Put the bread mix into a bowl.
2. Add the warm water.
3. Mix (ideally with dough hooks) for approx 5 minutes.
4. Place the dough on to a floured (gluten free) baking tray, put flour your on your using floured hands and shape the bread evenly without cracking. Lighly brush off excess flour from the bread.
5. Cover the bread with a moist damp cloth and leave to rise for approx. 35 min.
6. Spray the bread lightly with water and make two diagonal cuts across the surface with a sharp knife.
7. Bake in the lower part of a very hot oven at 250° C/480° F (gas mark 9) for approx. 10 min.
8. Then reduce the temperature to 200° C/400° F (gas mark 6) and bake for another 25 min.

Cool the baked bread on a rack.
– Sliced bread is excellent toasted.
– Slice and freeze the bread so that you can enjoy fresh bread every day.

Ingredients: Wheat starch (max. 20 ppm gluten/2 mg gluten/100 g), oat flakes (gluten free) 10 %, skimmed milk powder, crushed psyllium husk, sourdough powder (millet flour, rice flour and starter), sugar, salt, yeast, toasted germ maize flour.

Nutrion per 100 g: Energy 1450 kJ(340 kcal), Protein 4, Carbohydrate 77 g, of which sugar 4 g Fat 1 g, of which saturated fat <0,5

Net weight: 900 g at time of packing. 1 pack contains sufficient mix to make 2 loaves. Store: In a cool and dry place, away from any products with a strong smell.

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