GNOCCHI with TEFF GF/Wheat Free from FARABELLA - (85% potato) in 300 gms packs


GNOCCHI with TEFF GF/Wheat Free from FARABELLA - (85% potato) in 300 gms packs

FARABELLA classic gluten free GNOCCHI are cooked in minutes. 


GF WF V Vn LFDairy Free No SoyaEgg Free No Add Sugar

For generations, Italian Gnocchi has been made with the simplest of ingredients - potatoes with flour and seasoning.  Farabella has captured the simplicity of traditional Gnocchi, and without compromising taste and quality, has produced a range of gluten free Gnocchi.  The ingredients are still simple - made mainly with a very high percentage of potato (85%) - Farabella's gluten free Gnocchi with Teff offers another alternative to those unable to tolerate wheat or gluten.

Especially formulated as part of Farabella's new Plus+ range,  Farabella's Gnocchi with Teff  has a higher fibre and protein content than their regular Potato Gnocchi.  The Potassium level is reportedly 423mg per 100g.  Serve Farabella GNOCCHI  with TEFF simply with butter, olive oil and Parmesan cheese, or with meaty Bolognese sauce, with freshly made tomato sauce, or even with a fish sauce, with roasted vegetables, or with Pesto.  

Try with any one of many different sauces: tomato, prawn and chilli; Salsa a la Norma (tomato & aubergine), Super quick tuna sauce (tomato, garlic, origano & canned tuna), fresh tomato sauce, tomato with olives, tomato with capers, 'sunshine' tomato sauce (with red and yellow peppers) etc.

The choices are yours - to enjoy.

To cook - boil a saucepan of water (add a little salt to taste), and add the contents of the pack of Gnocchi. with Terr.  Allow the contents of the saucepan to come gently to the boil and when the gnocchi float to the surface the gnocchi are cooked. Drain and serve with sauce and seasoning of choice.

These delicious gluten free Gnocchi with Teff are packaged in an oxygen-depleted vacuum bag and, unopened, do NOT require refrigeration and are ideal for the store cupboard. Made in Italy, now you can finally experience what Italian gluten free Gnocchi tastes like. Lightly seasoned and salted, they have a wonderful flavour and texture. 300gms pack sufficient for two servings

Ingredients: Rehydrated Potato Flakes (85%), wholegrain rice flour (7%), Teff flour (5%), potato starch, rice flour, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid, preservative: sorbic acid.
Net Weight: 400 grams

Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened keep refrigerated for max 3 days.

Cooking Time: Approx: 2 min

Cross Grain Licence : IT-003-011


Energy - Calories: 182 kcal / 771 kJ
Fats: 0.4 g
of which saturates: 0.05 g 
Carbohydrates: 38.8 g
of which sugars:  1.0 g
Fibers: 3.5 g
Proteins: 4,2g

Salt: 1 g   

Potassium: 423mg

Cross Grain Symbol: 

Country of Origin: Farabella gluten free pasta Made in Italy

Please always check the ingredients list.  We understand this product to be considered suitable for the following:  Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher, Soya Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Wheat Free, Oat Free, No added Sugar, No MGO

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