CANNELLONI award winning gluten free wheat free pasta (Free From Foods Awards)

CANNELLONI award winning gluten free wheat free pasta (Free From Foods Awards)

 GF  WF  Veg Vegan   LF Dairy Free  No Soya  Egg Free No Add Sugar


Many GF recipes for Cannelloni suggest using sheets of Lasagne, but how much simpler to be able to use pre-formed Cannelloni tubes to make your favourite Cannelloni dishes? With no need to improvise by rolling up lasagne sheets, making Cannelloni at home couldn't be easier!

Each pack contains sufficient Gluten Free Cannelloni tubes for four people (as a main course). Simply prepare the Farabella Cannelloni tubes for filling (this will involve cooking in boiling water for approx 5 minutes - see instructions below), fill the Cannelloni, spoon some of your chosen sauce into the bottom of an oven proof dish, place your stuffed Cannelloni in the dish (allow some space between the Cannelloni tubes), and then cover with sauce before putting into an oven to bake. They could not be easier to make!

To prepare Cannelloni for filling: Boil a large saucepan of water (allow approx 2 litres for every 100gms of Cannelloni). Once the water is boiling add approx 10 gms salt (or to taste) per litre of water and then add the pasta to the saucepan. Use a wooden spoon to GENTLY stir the pasta. Cook for approx 5 mins and remove the pan from heat. DO NOT DRAIN the Cannelloni, instead, add plenty of cold water to the pan to prevent the Cannelloni from cooking further. Carefully remove each Cannelloni singly, and stuff each one with the stuffing of your choice and place each stuffed Cannelloni in a single layer in a pre-greased pre-heated oven (180 deg C / Gas Mark 5) for about 25 to 30 mins.

Serve either as a starter or main course.

Try filling with a mix of leaf spinach and ricotta cheese (note: you can substitute the Ricotta with Feta, or fresh Curd Cheese) and bake in tomato sauce or in a meaty Bolognese sauce. For a fishy alternative stuff with a mix of smoked fish (or poached salmon) mixed with just a little mashed potato,a beaten egg, chopped parsley and seasoning, place in an oven proof dish, and smother with a tomato sauce before baking.

You can use any combination of fillings, sauces, and toppings. For example, spinach stuffed cannelloni can be covered with a tomato sauce and topped with Bechamel sauce with grated Parmesan. Or a few minutes before removing the Cannelloni from the oven place some slices of fresh Mozzarella on top, allowing it to melt before serving. Try Cannelloni stuffed with a mixture of minced, seasoned, pork with chopped walnuts, or a stuffing made with baked Butternut Squash....... the choices are endless.

Ingredients: Heat treated corn flour; Heat treated rice flour; Corn starch. Store in a cool, dry place
Net Weight:  250grams

Cross Grain Licence : IT-003-015 

Country of Origin: Farabella gluten free and free from pasta Made in Italy

Please always check the ingredients list.  We understand this product to be considered suitable for the following:  Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher, Soya Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Wheat Free, Oat Free, No added Sugar


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