zzzMEZZI (short) RIGATONI - Gluten Free/Wheat Free Pasta - 500gms

zzzMEZZI (short) RIGATONI - Gluten Free/Wheat Free Pasta - 500gms

Many pasta shapes are associated with specific Italian Regions, and Rigatoni is no exception.  Rigatoni are found throughout Italy, but are said to be specifically associated with the Regions of Abruzzo, Calabria, Molise, Lazio, and Le Marche.  MEZZI RIGATONI are, quite simply, shorter versions of the usual Rigatoni.  Serve them as with any Rigatoni, but MEZZI RIGATONI are also great when used to make a pasta 'maccheroni' bake. 

Cheesey 'maccheroni bakes' are wonderful with Cheddar, but try using Mezzi Rigatoni with Gorgonzola, Cambazola, or as we near Christmas try using some delicious Stilton in your sauce.  What ever cheese you use - Buon Appetito!

MEZZI RIGATONI can also be served simply; cooked and dressed with finely chopped fresh rosemary, butter, olive oil and garlic – or with a delicious tomato sauce topped with freshly grated Parmesan, or try with some grated Pecorino.  A basic tomato sauce can be made a little more indulgent with the addition of some roughly chopped slices of salami and again topped with your choice of cheese; or add some rocket leaves for  a change.  If a more speedy sauce is called for - use your favourite pesto.

Whichever way you serve MEZZI RIGATONI you can enjoy them as a hearty lunch dish, served as a starter, or for dinner with a freshly prepared salad.

Ingredients:  Corn flour, rice flour

Unit weight:  500g

Nutrition:  per 100g

       Calories                                   1500 kJ / 350 kcal

                     Fats                                          1,4g

                     Of which saturates                   0.2g

                     Carbohydrates                          78g

                     Of which sugars                       4.5g

                     Fibre                                         1,8g

                     Protein                                     6,4g

                     Salt                                             0g


Made in Italy

Cross Grain Licence : IT-003-015 

Please always check the ingredients list.  We understand this product to be considered suitable for the following:  Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher, Soya Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Wheat Free, Oat Free, No added Sugar, No MGO

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