Originating from Ethiopia, teff has been cultivated for more than 6,000 years.  It has been, and still is, a staple of the Ethiopian diet.  The name, teff, reputedly is derived from “teffa”, which in the Amharic language means ‘lost’,  and probably owes its name to the very small size of each individual grain which, being less than 1mm, can easily become ‘lost’ during harvest.


Today, teff is still widely grown in Ethiopia and Eritrea, but it is now also grown in a number of European countries including The Netherlands and Spain, as well as in the USA  and Australia. 


The colour of the grains of teff can vary from white to a deep reddish brown resulting in the availability of both wholegrain white teff flour and wholegrain brown teff flour.  That is to say, white teff is derived from the whole grain of white teff, just as brown teff is derived from the whole grain of brown teff.  Both white and brown teff are fibre rich and are similarly high in protein and gluten free.


TOBIA ORGANIC BROWN TEFF FLOUR can be used to on its own, or mixed with other flours, to make breads, pancakes, cakes, flat breads, or for thickening sauces etc.  Use as you would any other flour, and add yeast and/or eggs as required in your normal recipes.


Nett Weight  1 Kg


Ingredients:  100% Organic Brown Teff Flour

Store in a cool, dry, place.  To retain freshness it is recommended that once opened it be kept in an airtight container


Nutrition facts per 100 g of product (average values)

Energy: 1452 Kj

Carbohydrates     70.0g

Starch                  53.7g

Fibre ....                 7.6g

Magnesium        185.7mg

Calcium              160.0mg

Proteins               10.0g

Fats                       2.5g

RS (resistant)      16.3g

Sodium               <10mg

Iron                       5.4mg


Gluten free, wheat free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian


Tobia Teff GB-ORG-04

Origin EU Agriculture.  Packed in UK

Packaging is 100% fully recyclable


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