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MUM’S MILL Quick Bread Mix – Gluten Free 

PIP Code  399-0116

                                                     BiAlimenta GF Pasta ACINI di PEPE / PASTA GRAINS     
                                                     PIP Code 364-1057         

                                                    BiAlimenta GF Pasta FORMATI MISTI / VARIETY PACK   
                                                              PIP Code  364-1438       

                                                    (Please note that this 2 x Acini di Pepe/Pasta Grains, 2 x 500gms Penne, 1x500gms, Sagnette, and 1 x 500gms Spirali/Spirals)

                                                    BiAlimenta GF Potato Pasta GNOCCHI          



BiAlimenta GF Potato Pasta PERLE di GNOCCHI                                   

PIP Code 351-1987     


BiAlimenta GF Pasta PENNE                                                                          

PIP Code 364-1040        


BiAlimenta GF Pasta SAGNETTE                                       

PIP Code 364-1065        


BiAlimenta GF Pasta SPIRALI / SPIRALS                 

PIP Code 364-1073        


BiAlimenta GF Pasta TUBETTI                      

PIP Code 351-1979      


FINAX  GF FIBRE BREAD MIX                               

PIP Code 359-4942     


FINAX  GF COARSE FLOUR  MIX                           

PIP Code 364-1024     


FINAX  GF FLOUR  MIX                                                    

PIP Code 364-1032     



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