Organic PENNE GF/WF - 340g (£0.66/100g)

Organic PENNE GF/WF - 340g (£0.66/100g)


PENNE a classic shaped organic, gluten free and wheat free pasta from Lori.

The Italian region of Puglia is home not only to many different pasta shapes, but also to quality Gluten Free and organic pastas from Lori.  Drossa is proud to introduce organic gluten free Pasta Lori PENNE to the UK.  Shaped by the use of bronze ‘dies’ which enhance the sauce ‘holding’ properties of the pasta itself, and made with a mix of corn and rice, the pastas will hold their shapes during the cooking process so you can avoid the ‘gloopiness’ which some find accompanies pastas made solely with rice, and at the same time avoid the ‘hardness’ which may accompany pastas made solely with corn.  

Use approx 1 litre of water for each 100g of dried pasta.  Boil the water, and when boiling, add a little salt and the pasta.  Cook for approximately 6 to 8 mins (according to individual taste), stirring gently from time to time.  At the end of the cooking period put the saucepan to one side and taste the pasta, if it is too hard leave it for one minute.  Do not stir or place back on the lighted hob during this time.  After a minute taste it, if it is too hard leave for a further minute.  Still too hard?  Then leave for just half a minute when it should be much softer.  Drain and serve with your choice of sauce or pesto.  Spirals are also great in bakes.

Ingredients:  70% corn*, 30% rice*

*organic ingredients.  Certified Organic by ICEA and by AB

Nett Weight:  340gms

We understand that this product is Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Soya Free, Egg Free, Milk Free, suitable for Vegetarians, suitable for Vegans


Made in Italy

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